5 Best Whiteboard Animation Software’s

whiteboard animation software

Whether you’re trying to make a presentation stand out or create a unique text-to-speech explainer video Whiteboard Animation Software is an easy choice. Whiteboard animation can help you clearly and cohesively convey messages and stories with ease. What is the best whiteboard animation software?

The five best whiteboard animation software’s are Easy Sketch Pro 3.0, Explaindio 4.0, Doodleoze, Doodly and Sketch Maker PRO. These are all popular options for their easy to use creators, professional appearances, and versatility. Each and every one of them can create unique and creative videos every time.

So how do you know which whiteboard animation software is right for you? They all boast different features, abilities and strengths that could make one better for your need than another. Though, they’ll all get the job done to exceptional quality regardless of which animation software you choose.

Why Use A Whiteboard Animation Software?

A whiteboard animation software can turn an excellent presentation into a great and engaging one for presentation, informative videos on YouTube, and any other video needs. 6 out of 10 people prefer to watch videos online than watch TV shows, and by 2025 half of individual viewers under the age of 32 will not be subscribed to traditional paid TV services, according to a study done by google.

The world is changing, and the way we communicate with audiences has changed with it. This trend makes online videos an essential part of every business, corporation and general communication spanning all industries. Whiteboard animation software makes creating polished and professional videos easy to do and helps you get in on the market of viewers already using those platforms.

Explainer videos can help you target a new audience, and already businesses are using them on their home page and YouTube pages. Through simplicity, creativity and by making them as informative as possible, explainer videos can generate an audience of potential customers.

Additionally, whiteboard animation doesn’t need a whole lot of technical skills to get into. The best software will be easy to use and not need a class on graphic design to create. They look highly professional and polished, all while being incredibly easy to create. This ease of use allows businesses to no longer need to pay others to do their video content; instead, it can be easily handled in minutes internally. Whiteboard animation software saves time and money across the board.

Without question, explainer videos made by whiteboard animation software have the potential to bring in more interested, curious and enthusiastic customers. When done correctly, they can be incredibly useful tools to have when trying to create SEO content.

What is a Whiteboard Animation?

Just like the name suggests, it is a form of animation that makes the story illustrated on a whiteboard/white screen. Usually, the animation part is that the viewer is watching the image be drawn, and its this process of narration over a drawing that keeps the viewer engaged.

Typically, this is done through a timelapse to make the video faster and easier to sync to audio. It is a type of animation that is widely used in business because it’s easy to create, interesting to look at and can help audiences get more engaged easily. Compared to a traditional talking-head video or a how-to video, a whiteboard animation video is much easier for businesses to create and save them on cost.

The best whiteboard animation videos create a narrative spoken over the animation process that can be easily followed. They’re informative, educational videos usually follow a step by step and are incredibly easy to consume as a viewer. The staple of whiteboard animation is how easy it is to use, customize and how inexpensive it is to create when compared to its counterparts in the business video field.

What Are The Best Whiteboard Animation Software’s?

As stated above, there are five popular and top of the line whiteboard animation software that you should consider. There is the Easy Sketch Pro 3.0, Explaindio 4.0, Doodleoze, Doodly and Sketch Maker PRO, all of which we will get into one by one. Though many of the following software do more than just whiteboard animation, these have a particular focus on that kind of media and are incredibly popular in their field.

Easy Sketch Pro 3.0

The Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 is a software that has sold over 55,000 copies for its incredibly easy to use software interface that can work for any marketer or business. It is all 100% customizable with an easy to use drag and drop interface that allows for simple, quick and easy video creation in no time.

You can upload any video into the software, and it will sketch out the opening scene. From there, it can make a “breathtaking” sketch to live video easily. From there, you can easily add music, voiceover and other audio over the video that’s created.

The customization this tool offers is incredible, with a total of 50 different pens, brushes, chalks, and crayons depending on the tone you want to set in your video—pencils for educational videos, pens for executive videos, and so on. You have endless options available for you to choose from for all different types of video needs. They even have hundreds of images to choose from that are royalty-free to help make every video interesting and dynamic.

Best of all, Easy Sketch Pro has some of the best customer support systems out there, making their software easy to learn and understand. If something were to go wrong, or questions were to arise, their award-winning customer support will always support you.


Explaindio is an incredibly easy 3 step whiteboard animation video software that is as simple as picking an object or action to start with and creating, customizing and sharing the video that you create. They promise that there is no experience required to start working with Explaindio, and no need for special software to be able to use it.

It allows you to instantly start making professional videos without needing hours of training and hundreds, or thousands, of dollars of professional help. Its easy to use and user-friendly interface is definitely a big part of why 35,000+ people and business use Explaindio.

You can work on multiple projects all at once, and they offer over 180+ pre-made text animations to choose from. Along with those 180+ text animations, they offer 200 pre-made animated scenes that can help with easy video creation. In terms of user-friendly ability, Explaindio is one of the best out there for their easy export, countless available combinations, and a step by step tutorial to help get you started.

Additionally, you get access to a closed Facebook group with other users who can help give tips and feedback for creating your next video project.

Eplaindio can help create youtube outros along with building animated scenes, promo videos, and the all-important explainer video. For all-inclusive, easy to use and learn pickup and go style video creation, Explaindio is among the best of the best.


Doodleoze allows you to create unlimited videos without restrictions, allowing you to create for yourself or charge clients to develop for them. Doodleoze doesn’t need technical skills to create videos, and you don’t even need experience in Doodle Video Experience to create through this software.

There are over 35,000 businesses and individuals who use and trust Doodleoze for their video creation needs. It only needs the internet when initially downloading and for access to the cloud, and there is no limit to the number of videos you can make. It is also entirely risk-free with a 14 day grace period that will allow you to decide if this software is for you.

This whiteboard animation software offers 500 professional doodle sketch images, over 245 various effects and text animations, and over 300 fonts to choose from. Doodle’s goal is to help you engage with your customers and viewers through dynamic and engaging videos that encourage them to take action.

It is still easy to use and doesn’t take the hours of training; instead, you can learn through quick and fun demo. Their beautiful and eyecatching videos are proven to generate more leads and boost engagement. Doodleoze can be used for teaching, YouTube marketing, Facebook advertising, and anything else you could need. All of this can be done while allowing you to keep 100% of the profits generated through your Doodleoze video.

This software was designed for users to be able to create jaw-dropping cutting edge videos that can generate engagement and profit wherever you post it.


This whiteboard animation software can help you create incredible, professional-looking videos in minutes. Instead of paying outrageous fees to have someone else create videos, you can use Doodle to create jaw-dropping videos with no previous technical skills needed.

Best of all, it only takes minutes to create a Doodle sketch video, and it’ll look professionally done without any hassles. Doodle allows you to create whiteboard, blackboard, green board and glass board videos unlimitedly. All you need to do is select an image, drag and drop it into the canvas of your choosing, and Doodly will do the rest for you by automatically drawing that image.

You aren’t restricted to using the Doodle images and videos provided; you can upload your own pictures into the system and have the Doodly Smart Draw Technology create a draw path. This draw path technology allows you to draw any in all images you could need. The possibilities of this technology are endless.

Doodle has all types of hands to choose from, of gender, size, and ethnicities. You can give any Doodle video a personal touch through these tens of differents hands to choose from. Then, you can record your own voiceover audio and easily have it synced into your doodle sketch video without needing extra software.

Doodly doesn’t use stock images, and instead, they have all of their pictures made custom by their own professional team of graphic artists. As such, you get 200 total characters unique to Doodle, and each of these characters has 20 different poses. Thus, clearly, the possibilities are limitless. Of course, they even host royalty-free audio to help suit any video type you could need.

Unlike other software, Doodly lets you install it on as many computers you’d like, and is compatible with both PC and Mac computers. Your whole team could be working on a video with only one purchase. Additionally, Doodly has an entire community of 51,166 active users on Facebook that you can access through ordering Doodly.

If Doodly sounds like something you are interested in you can view our full Doodly review here.

Sketch Maker Pro

Sketch Maker Pro wants you to be able to make a whiteboard explainer video in minutes. Thanks to this software, the days of unzipping or installing are gone, and you can get right into using this software in no time. This system can be used right in your browser as long as you’re connected to the internet. Additionally, the system is easily accessed through either supported browser, Chrome and Firefox.

This means that Sketch Maker Pro allows you to create incredible and professional-looking explainer videos all in the cloud. This means that there is no need for huge file downloads that can take hours or cause space errors within the computer. All you need to do is open your browser, and Sketch Maker Pro is ready to use.

Then, your video is stored on the cloud, so you have no fear of losing the data and video because of a lack of space. If you need the video downloaded, you can download it on demand and be rest assured it’s backed up on the cloud. The rendering engine is the most powerful and fastest the market has to offer, helping make the Sketch Maker Pro one of the fastest to use software options out there.

You can add your own images, videos, audios and even use text to speech options for your audio file or use your own voice. The software even offers helpful previews for individual slides or the whole video so that you can ensure that the hand you chose and the pen suit the video.

For free, in addition to all of the other features offered, Sketch Maker Pro offers the “ultimate list of free video graphic resources” by Jon Rishy, a “complete course to rank your video on page one” by Tube Commandments, and a $30 store credit to spend on a library of over 2,000+ assets like stock animations, GIF animations, vectors and much more by VideoPlasty.

Sketch Maker Pro is user-oriented, with bonus offers like listed above that come with the order of an already incredible service. On its own, utilizing the cloud puts this whiteboard animation software above its competitors for many. Still, with everything else, this software is a no brainer when looking for new ways to make engaging videos.

How to Choose the Best Whiteboard Animation Software for You

There is no question that today’s market requires many businesses to be able to produce some kind of professional video quickly and effectively. Now, so many individuals are cancelling their traditional means of entertainment through TV services, and thus businesses are cut off from engaging with those potential customers. Creating a social media platform, primarily through videos, is one of the best ways to recreate that bridge of engagement between business and customer.

Choosing between all of these incredible whiteboard animation tools may require shopping around. Take advantage of free trials and 14 day grace periods to find out which one suits your needs the best. You may find the perfect software on your first try, or you may be caught between a couple that sound like exactly what you need. Each of them offers different art styles, backgrounds, whiteboard/blackboard options and music, as well as even just, interface usability.

For example, if you’re concerned about losing access to your videos, you may want to use a software that has cloud storage capabilities like Sketch Maker Pro. However, if you’re unsure, you can test out the capabilities of each of them and contact their customer support to determine which option is best suited for your content creating needs.

Customers choose to engage with videos more than other forms of advertisements or communications because it is incredibly easy to digest. They are easy to access as long as you have internet access, are versatile and can be incredibly engaging and easy to share across platforms. Reportedly, people worldwide now watch 1 billion hours of YouTube per day, meaning that on any given day, your video could easily be viewed hundreds to thousands of times without even needing to do more than upload it.