7 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners Without A Website

Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners Without A Website

So you don’t have a website but are interested in doing affiliate marketing? No problem, you are in the right place!

Here are some of the best Affiliate Programs for beginners without a website:

Affiliate Program:Commission:
AmazonUp to 10%
Shopify200% per referral/$2000 for all referrals that purchase a Shopify Plus package.
ClickbankUp to 90%
Sendinblue5€ per free account and 100€ for every free account that upgrades to a paid plan.
Fiverr$15-$50 CPA/$10 CPA+10% Revshare
Payoneer$25 per referral
AliExpressUp to 9% but limited to $50 per sale

Let’s dive in deeper and discuss each one of these affiliate programs in a bit more detail!

#1. Amazon Associates

If you are an absolute beginner then Amazon associate program should be your first choice. Although it may not offer you a huge load of commissions, it has pretty high conversions.

Based on your niche you can get commissions of up to 10% through the Amazon affiliate program.

The cookie duration is around 24 hours which means that if someone clicks through your affiliate link then you can earn commissions if they make the purchase within the cookie duration period of around 24 hours.

As a beginner, you might not have all the skills and knowledge of how to do affiliate marketing, how to sell the products, and all that right at the first. So in this stage, selecting an affiliate program that has pretty high conversions is really a great way to start.

Now you might be thinking about why Amazon has pretty high conversion? Well, one of the reasons is because it is a trustworthy brand, and people are highly accustomed to buying from Amazon.

#2. Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify is an easy-to-use online store builder. It has various packages based on the experience level of the buyer.

The cookie duration of the Shopify affiliate program follows the industry standard and offers its affiliate around 30 days referral period.

Shopify is one of the best high ticket affiliate programs out there. Generally, Shopify offers you a 100% commission on the first and the second payment of a referral who signs up through your link.

However, with Shopify Plus, you can even get around $2000 for every conversion you do. So just imagine!

#3. Clickbank

Clickbank is also a great affiliate program that you can start with. It offers a wide range of categories from which you can select the products you would like to promote.

The products are mostly digital-based The top tier programs generally average at about $50 per sale.

You can sell digital products using your social media platforms as well as through email marketing.

Creating affiliate links is quite easy and it is one of the best affiliate programs without a website.

The payment threshold is $50 and you will also have the opportunities to promote programs with recurring commissions.

#4. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is an email marketing tool used by bloggers and other internet marketers to develop relationships with their audience through email marketing. It allows its users to automate their email campaigns with available flexible plans.

The best thing about this affiliate program is that it offers commissions based on leads.

Sendinblue offers a 90 days cookie period and pays its affiliate a one-time per lead and per sale.

You, as an affiliate get the commission of 5€ per free account and 100€ for every free account that upgrades to their paid plan.

#5. Fiverr

Fiverr is another great affiliate program you can join as a newbie. This affiliate program is pretty unique because you don’t require any approval and also not any website.

Fiverr is basically an online marketplace where people sell their freelancing services such as Logo design, content, writing, proofreading, video editing, website development, etc.

The potential clients check out the gigs of various freelancers and buy the service as per their choice and needs.

So as an affiliate, you can promote any particular service from Fiverr to your audience. The Fiverr affiliate program offers you a cookie duration of 30 days.

And Fiverr is also one of the highest-paying affiliate programs out there. Based on the category you promote, you can even earn up to $150 per referral.

#6. Payoneer

Payoneer is the way freelancers, bloggers, and other internet marketers and companies send or receive their payments. It is just like Paypal and in fact, in countries where Paypal isn’t available, it is also used as an alternative.

It operates in many countries and it also has trusted partners like Amazon, Fiverr, Shutterstock, etc. So Payoneer is really a well-known brand. So when you can become an affiliate and start promoting it, you don’t really have to worry especially regarding its authenticity.

As a Payoneer affiliate, you will get paid per sale. The commission that Payoneer offers is $25 per sale which means for every new customer you bring to Payoneer you will get $25 as commission.

#7. AliExpress Affiliate Program

Like Amazon, AliExpress is also an online store but it is mainly for Chinese manufacturers. On Aliexpress you will be able to find a lot of different products in various categories such as clothes, plastic, etc.

Not only you will find a variety of products but the products will also be at a cheaper price.

Considering its affiliate program, it offers different commissions based on different categories. The commission rates vary from 3% at the lowest range to 9% at the highest range.

There is a drawback with this affiliate program and that is no matter whatever item you sell, the maximum commissions you can get will only be $50.


In short, Amazon Associates, Shopify Affiliate Program, Clickbank, Sendinblue, Fiverr, Payoneer, and AliExpress are some of the best affiliate programs for beginners without a website.

If you are just starting out then Amazon Associates is a great program to start with. But once you get some basic idea then you can start trying out the other Affiliate programs as well. Hope this helps 🙂