11 Best Evergreen Niches For Affiliate Marketing

Best Evergreen Niches For Affiliate Marketing

Doing affiliate marketing in an evergreen niche is one of the best decisions that you could make. You won’t be affected by any seasonal trends or anything like that. So, what are those evergreen niches where you can do affiliate marketing?

Home Decor, Health & Fitness, Pets, Beauty, Parenting, etc are some of the best evergreen niches suitable for affiliate marketing. Evergreen niches are actually those niches that work throughout for years and years. An Evergreen niche is a stable industry that isn’t usually subject to any kind of seasonality.

Let’s take a deeper dive and have closer look at each of the best evergreen niches for affiliate marketing!

What is an Evergreen niche?

In simple words, evergreen niches are those niches that will continue to remain in demand years after years. An evergreen niche market is basically a market where over the years, interest will stay generally constant and new people will keep adding on it.

Here are the three main criteria you need to check in order to know whether or not a niche is an evergreen:

#1. Seasonality:

If your niche is seasonal which only receives great traffic in some months and in the rest of months it just doesn’t receive significant traffic then it can’t be considered as a seasonal niche.

For example, if your blog is about a Christmas Gift niche then you might receive a lot of traffic just during the Christmas months. But the rest of the year, you will have a hard time getting significant traffic.

#2. Trends:

Some trends can instantly gain popularity. However, if you select a niche that is based on a short-lived trending topic then it can’t be considered as an evergreen niche.

It can happen that a suddenly certain topic becomes extremely popular and you might think that it would be a great idea to open a blog on that topic. But actually, if it’s a short-lived trending topic then its popularity can soon start decreasing.

#3. Interest:

Interest is also one of the factors you need to consider while deciding whether a niche is evergreen or not.

It may happen that the interest of people in some niches keeps on decreasing over time. Then it is not a good signal while considering the evergreen niche because an evergreen niche mainly refers to a stable industry that continues to be in demand year after year

Now let’s have a look at some of the best evergreen niches for affiliate marketing.

Best Evergreen Niches For Affiliate Marketing:

#1. Home Decor

People are going to live in their homes forever, right? They will keep on finding things in order to decorate their sweet homes. Whether they want to sell their homes or if they have just bought a new home they would likely be interested in designing and decorating their homes.

On average, people spend around $500 and $5,000 on decorating or renovating each room in their home.

If you think from the perspective of who will be your target audience, then they will be most likely homeowners. And a homeowner will likely have buying power than a 12-year-old kid who would be searching for his maths homework on the web. I hope you get my point.

Also, this is a broad niche and you can promote different affiliate products related to home decor. You can talk about wall paintings, furniture, or any other topic that will help your audience to make their home beautiful by decorating their home in the best possible way.

#2. Health & Fitness

This is another evergreen niche because you can say this niche is going to stay for many years long. We all need to be healthy and fit to live a longer and healthy life. So there will be many people who would be interested in the niche.

Health and fitness as alone is a very broad topic and you can cover many sub-topics or categories such as bodybuilding, weight loss, etc.

#3. Pets

Pets, let’s face it most of us love pets. And probably you (yes, you) reading this post right now might be having those cute buddies in your home.

Be at a dog, cat, or any other pet. Believe it or not, there are many pet lovers out there who are interested in learning various things related to their pets and they keep on buying various products for their pets.

Pets become like family members so people aren’t going to hesitate much in spending money to buy various products, foods, and other items related to their lovely pets. Thus, you have the opportunity of doing affiliate marketing.

You can either build a website only on a specific type of pet such as dog, cat, rabbit, bearded dragon, etc. Or you can choose a broad domain name related to pets in general and start covering each pet as the categories and subcategories in your blog.

#4. Beauty

This is also a niche that will remain in demand years after years. As long as there are humans on the earth (especially the women because this niche will likely be more targeted towards them) they aren’t likely to stop spending money on beauty products and fashion items. Right?

Now you might be surprised to know this thing. As per reuters.com, researchers in Texas have found that a downturn in the economy has a positive impact on the beauty industry.

#5. Parenting

Parenting is also a niche that can be considered an evergreen niche. Why? Well, as long as there will be kids and parents, the parenting niche will continue to be in demand years after years.

Now you can build a general niche on parenting and cover many sub-topics/sub-niches under it. Or else, you can come through a sort of angle, for example, you can set up a mom parenting blog or a dad parenting blog.

Since your readers will be mainly the parents, so you can promote products through affiliate links related to any kids’ toys, books, educational items, baby products, etc.

#6. Cooking

We are not going to eat food without cooking them 🙂 So cooking is a niche that isn’t going anywhere soon.

As per grandviewresearch.com, the global household cooking appliance market size was valued at USD 261.22 billion in 2020. And it is also expected that it would expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.5% from 2021 to 2028.

You can build recipe related cooking website, where you can write posts to educate the readers about how to cook various foods and all other related things. You can also do affiliate marketing related to products related to or which are useful for cooking.

#7. Horses

Horses are also another niche that you might be interested to make an affiliate website. If you are a horse owner yourself or passionate about horses then you can start an affiliate marketing niche website.

You can write informational blog posts related to horse care and training. You can also promote affiliate products related to horses.

#8. Piano

If you work on a niche that is related to a certain skill that people will like to learn then it is going to be an evergreen niche. Learners will keep on learning the things they want to learn all throughout the year at any time. And usually, there won’t be any seasonality factor in this type of niche.

So you can set up a piano blog where you can write informational posts related to how to play and all sorts of related things. You can also promote piano accessories and products through your affiliate programs.

#9. Music Production

Are you experienced in this music production niche or even if you are an enthusiast then you can choose this niche to make your next affiliate blog.

In this niche, you can write informational posts that are helpful to various beginners as well as advanced music producers. You can also promote affiliate links for various products and gadgets related to this industry.

#10. Gaming

Gaming is also another great niche and can be considered as an evergreen niche because just think that there are many gaming enthusiasts out there who aren’t going to stop playing the games anytime soon.

The best thing is the gaming audience has expanded and now it is just not limited to consoles but also includes mobile devices.

So you can set up an affiliate blog where you would not just write informational posts regarding the gaming niche but can also promote the various gaming gadgets and tools useful for the gamers.

And if you are interested in starting a blog in this niche then you would be glad to know that an average gamer is willing to pay several hundred dollars on their new gaming chair or new GPU.

#11. Tech

As a whole and broadly speaking, tech is also an evergreen niche. Although once a particular gadget model become old then it will have fewer searches and less interest. But still, there’s always a huge interest of technology enthusiasts in this niche.

From smartphones to laptops, to headphones, you can write about any subtopic under this tech niche. However, you need to select a broad domain name so that you don’t limit yourself later on.

#12. Astronomy

The astronomy niche is basically based on the study of space and various outer space-related objects. There are many hobbyists in this niche who like learning about space and those kinds of stuff.

You can set up an affiliate blog where you can promote products like telescopes and other related things that astronomy enthusiasts would be interested in. And in general, this is also an evergreen type of niche.

#13. Farming

Faring is also one of the great niches to try out. And it is also an evergreen niche. Even though there are technological advancements that keep on happening every now and then, farming is going to stay.

If you set up a blog based on this niche then you can promote tools used in farming through your affiliate links. You can also write informational posts on various topics related to farming.

#14. Photography

Now even if you don’t know much about photography you don’t need to worry. You just need to be passionate about this hobby. And the great thing is that usually, a majority of photographers are also amateur or hobbyists.

So basically you don’t be an expert and an advanced level photographer. You can set your blog and you can promote relevant photography equipment through your affiliate links.

Until now I discussed with you some of the best evergreen niches for affiliate marketing. But what if you aren’t satisfied yet? No problem! Let’s discuss how you can find evergreen niches for affiliate marketing.

How to find Evergreen Niches for Affiliate Marketing?

To find an evergreen niche, first, select any niche. Now to select any niche if you already have a list of niche ideas for your blog then great. But even if you don’t, then not to worry.

You can just use general sense and see what is there in your surroundings, what things do you do every day, what products do you use daily. Nich ideas are already present in front of you, just you have to grab them!

Then after you have completed the first step of finding the niche, now you have to go to Google Trends. Using google trends you can see the trend of a particular search term or topic based on different locations as well as different time frames.

So in our case, in order to validate whether a niche is evergreen or not just type your niche on the search bar of the Google trends explore page. And then you have to either select worldwide or your target location and time frame of the past 5 years as a general rule of thumb and then do the search.

After you do all the above-mentioned procedures you will see the graphical representation of the interest over time of that topic. If the graph of the topic is generally a horizontal line then it indicates it is a stable niche/evergreen.

However, if there are repeated bumps or peaks in the graph then it indicates that the niche may be seasonal.


So in short, pets, home decor, health & fitness, etc are some of the evergreen niches based on which you can start your affiliate marketing niche.

Please make sure that when you choose an evergreen niche, you should also keep in mind its monetization opportunities/profitability as well as your passion in that niche. That’s it! Hope you found this post helpful!