Can I Learn Affiliate Marketing For Free? (Here’s How)

Can I Learn Affiliate Marketing For Free

When I first started learning affiliate marketing I didn’t have funds that I could invest in any coaching or course material. So I decided to find all the resources through which I can learn affiliate marketing for free and here’s what I learned.

Any beginner can learn affiliate marketing by using the free resources available on the internet. There are really many helpful YouTube channels and blogs that generously provide free content. However, one might have to spend time finding the right resources because the free content can be scattered.

Having said that, let’s dive in deeper and discuss more on how you can learn affiliate marketing for free and some of the helpful resources for learning it.

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing For Free?

Here is the list of some YouTube Channels and Blogs from which one can learn affiliate marketing for free:

Income School

This is an awesome YouTube channel. It is one of the most helpful YouTube channels to learn the blogging and affiliate marketing related stuff and how to earn money through them.

Although they don’t teach you to build a blog just based on product reviews or anything like that. But they actually guide you on how to build a real blogging business and earn from it through various revenue streams.

They guide you on how to earn on your blog through:

  • Ads
  • Affiliate
  • Info Products

And their main idea is to create a website that is helpful for the readers. They teach you how to target the low competition keywords. They teach you how to be a better content creator as well as a blogger and everything.

I mean I could write a whole post on how helpful content they provide. In fact, they also teach you some cool tactics that you may not find on other YouTube channels.

Long story short, if you want to learn affiliate marketing and build a blogging business, then you should surely check out income school.

Passive Income Geek

This is another great YouTube channel run by Morten Storgaard. He also provides great free content that newbie bloggers can find helpful.

He also shares the name of some of his sites publicly with the audience (income school also do). And this is very beneficial because as a beginner you can get inspiration from their blog, how to set up, style, and do everything, the formatting, and much more.

He covers content based on how to do keyword research, how to find low competition keywords, some insider tips using the ad networks such as ezoic, and many others.

Shaun Marrs

Shaun Marrs is a full-time blogger and on his channel, he shares his real-life practical insights and learnings with the audience.

Here’s a cool tip: Make sure you subscribe to as many blogging-related influencers as you can as long as they have at least some kind of similarity in their approach.

For example, let’s say you Consider Income School and their method as your primary one, then you have to just look for channels that also follow this kind of ideology at least at some level.

Having a list of all related YouTube channels on a certain topic can be very helpful for you. Why? Well, if some channel misses something, then you can easily learn that from other channels.

Yes, it will take time but that’s the extra effort you have to do for finding the precious information that gets buried among the tons of information available on the internet. I hope you get my point.

Authority Hacker

This is another YouTube channel that teaches you about affiliate marketing. Now, this channel is a little different from the Income School or other similar channels.

They focus on backlink building along with writing good quality content. Whereas income schools’ main focus is to just write high-quality content and think of links as they will come naturally.

The fact I like the most about them is that the two guys, Mark and Gael who are behind the authority hackers are very open when they share their thoughts.

They don’t force you to think that a particular tactic works for them then it should also work for you. Instead, whenever they share any information it feels as if they are your blogging friends and just sharing their insights and experiences.

They also have a blog where they write really great quality and super helpful posts especially targeted towards people who want to learn affiliate marketing and blogging

On their YouTube channel, I have seen that they mainly focus on using the Ahref keyword tool to find the keywords and they give high importance to website structure and the SILOs.

See, as a beginner I believe that you should collect all the best information that you can get from every possible resource. Here’s a table in which I have shown what main things you can learn from a particular YouTube Channel.

Channel Name:Things That Can Be Learned:
Income SchoolWriting Content And Answer Targets
Passive Income GeekFinding the Niche, domain, and the keywords
Shaun MarsZero Search Volume Keywords and tiny but helpful tips
Authority HackerWebsite Structure And Silos

Note that the above four are only some of the helpful channels out there. If you are dedicated and determined then you can find many helpful resources on the internet that could teach you all the fundamental levels of affiliate marketing.

Final Thoughts

So in short, yes, it is definitely possible to learn affiliate marketing for free. You have to just be a little smart and you need to select the right resources, the right advice from lots of free information available online.

If you have a budget and if you are already inspired by some influencer who teaches affiliate marketing. If you believe in their systems then it is also advised to purchase their course if possible.

It is because you will get many extra (and sometimes secret) information in a totally structured way. However, don’t worry if you can’t invest any money right now. Most beginners start like this only.

The key principle is to follow one influencer’s advice as a primary and then just supplement all other resources to build up your skill for affiliate marketing. Hope this helps. Thanks!