Can I Use Amazon Images On My Website?

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Disclaimer: Though this topic has been thoroughly researched for this blog post, it is not meant as legal advice, so please use your own due diligence regarding the use of Amazon images on your website. Thanks!

So, having an affiliate blog, you have to often promote affiliate links of the products on your blog, right? But can you use Amazon images on your website? Let’s see!

Amazon images can’t be used directly on your website by just downloading or copying as it can violate Amazon policies. However, if you are a registered Amazon Associate, you can use the Amazon site stripe or the API feature to insert images on your website.

Keep reading till the end because all your doubts will be solved regarding the insertion of amazon images on your website. Let’s get started!

Are Amazon Images Copyrighted?

In general, in the online world, as you might already know, everyone has his or her copyright on their own original creation.

So whether it is amazon or in any other case you can’t use other’s work without their permission.

While researching I came across There it is highlighted that a person who authors an original work usually owns the copyright for that work.

So if a person takes a photo of his or her product, then they generally have copyright protection on the photo they took. And they can use that photo to sell that product on their products details page.

Can we Copy Images From Amazon?

No, it is not allowed to copy images from Amazon directly. Only if you are an Amazon associate then you can use the Sitestripe or API to insert/integrate the Amazon images in your blog.

Also, on the Amazon Associates Program Policies, it is said that you can’t display on your site or use any Program content to advertise and promote any products that are offered on any site that is not an Amazon Site (e.g., products offered by other retailers).

How Do I Integrate Amazon Products Into My Website?

Remember to use any of the below two ways: having a registered Amazon Associates account is a must.

Using The Site Stripe:

Firstly, sign in to your Amazon Associates account. Once you sign in you will get access to the Amazon Site Stripe.

Now you have to just open and on your home page on the top left side you will be able to see the Amazon Associates Site Stripe. It allows you to do three things:

  • Text Link
  • Image Link
  • Text + Image Link

But on your homepage of Amazon, you won’t be able to select the image and image plus text link option. It will only work when you have opened any products page.

So now you just have to search for the product which you want to promote. After you search it you have to open the product’s page and there you will be able to see the image link option on the site stripe being activated.

Click on the image and it will show you three image sizes, small, medium, and large. Depending on your choice select the size.

Then at the bottom of that popup, you will also notice a code generated for the image. You just need to copy that code and place that on your website where you want to promote the product.

To paste the code on your website go to your website and if you are using WordPress then you need to create an HTML block and then paste that copied code and that’s it!

Easy, right?

Using API:

There are plugins like AMZ Image that allow you to pull amazon images from products straight from Amazon’s API.

Can I Use Amazon Images On Pinterest?

It is not allowed to use images from Amazon on Pinterest. The same thing you have to remember is either use the site stripe or the API.

But as you know generally on Pinterest to insert images to your pin you have only two options:

  1. Either create your own image and upload it on Pinterest
  2. Or paste the link and let Pinterest grab the image from the linked website.

You might be thinking why we can’t paste the amazon link and allow Pinterest to grab the image? Well, it is because this way we will end up using the Amazon images directly which isn’t allowed.

So the only option that remains is to create your own images. You can use tools like Canva to make and edit your own image for a Pinterest pin and then you can upload them on Pinterest.

Can We Use Amazon Images In YouTube?

There’s no clear answer to this question as well. While researching and reading the Amazon policies I have only found two ways to use Amazon images and that is by using the Sitestripe or the API.

I know that you may know about some YouTube channels that are using the Amazon product images and Amazon content directly on their YouTube. And maybe they might even have some subscribers as well.

But you know what, if I were you and if my goal would be long term then I would always do what is legal and what is right as far as possible.

I also agree that it may not be possible for you to buy all the products from Amazon and review them in your YouTube videos. But you can think of it as an investment!

And remember when you review any products you purchased and you show them in your videos then it actually boosts your credibility as well, isn’t it?

But still, if you want to know about it then my best advice would be to directly ask this question to Amazon support. You can email them and explain your problem. Hopefully then can help to solve your doubt.


In short, you can’t use Amazon images directly, and you can’t download or copy and paste any images from Amazon onto your website. The only two which you can insert images to your blog or website is through Sitestrip or API and as long as you are a registered Amazon Associate.