Clickbank vs Jvzoo: Which is better for Affiliate Marketing?


Clickbank vs Jvzoo_Which is better for Affiliate Marketing



Point of Comparison Clickbank Jvzoo
Category Coverage: A lot of categories covered Less categories covered
Product Type: Mostly digital products based Mostly software products based
Approval Process: Easy and in most cases you can start promoting without asking vendors The approval process with every vendor
User Interface: Feels a bit old Feels cleaner and brighter
Payment Threshold: Minimum $10 or 5 sales Minimum $50 balance
Customer Support: No worries for affiliates No worries for affiliates


Clickbank and Jvzoo: A Quick Introduction

Before we dive in and start the comparison of each of these platforms it is important to have a quick introductory understanding of both Clickbank and Jvzoo.


Clickbank is an affiliate network. It was founded around 1998 and it is a privately owned company. With over 6 million clients globally, it is one of the leading affiliate network websites.

Since 2018, the CEO of Clickbank is Kelly Householder.

Clickbank is home to numerous digital products including ebooks, videos, and applications. It actually acts as a connecting link between the vendor and affiliates like us.

Vendors create and upload their products in the Marketplace of Clickbank. The affiliates then approach the vendors if they are interested in selling their products through their blogs, social media, as well as email lists.

The Clickbank platform in between manages the tracking system and keeps a track record of where are the sales are coming from on the website of the vendor.

So after the sales are made they credit the affiliate with the commission as per their regulations and criteria.

So basically once you sign up and become an affiliate for Clickbank, you browse the products ideal to your needs, and then you approach the vendor who will be supplying you with aids to promote the products.

Note although Clickbank is not that much well known as compared to the Amazon Associate program especially to beginner affiliate marketers. It is one of the major players in the affiliate marketing industry.


Now Jvzoo is an affiliate network platform that was founded in about 2011. It has around 823,000 active affiliates and many affiliate products that are high converting.

Jvzoo introduces the affiliates to the vendors and it acts as a middleman tracking the referral that leads to a sale.

On this platform, it is easy for the vendors to list their new products and it also makes it easier for the affiliates to find the products that they would like to promote.

Whenever a customer arrives at the sales page of the vendor, they are attached to a cookie. This way it becomes clear that you have sent that customer to that page.

This cookie will remain active so later on, if the customer revisits the sales page and buys a different product, then also you will be credited for that sale.

Jvzoo is also an established and genuine company. Don’t worry, you won’t lose any money. The company operates in a straightforward way and works to protect both the vendor as well as the affiliate.

It also has many different digital products which you can choose to promote.

Now let’s move ahead and see a detailed comparison of both Clickbank and Jvzoo based on different criteria.

Clickbank Vs Jvzoo: Approval Process

Clickbank is the Winner!

As an affiliate marketer probably the first thing that comes to our mind is how can we easy or hard it is to get approved in either ClickBank or Jvzoo.

So to start, it is easier to become an affiliate with the Clickbank platform. You just need to sign up, share your personal details, and in many cases, you can just start promoting and selling the products even without asking the vendors.

However, on Jvzoo, you will have to take the approval from individual vendors which can at times become complex.

Vendors may have many applications and so until you get any response from them it can take some time. Although I’m not saying that the approval process and getting permission is hard. But the thing is that in the case of Jvzoo it can be time-consuming.

So here, in case of the approval process, Clickbank seems to win over Jvzoo

Clickbank Vs Jvzoo: Category Coverage

Clickbank is the Winner!

Why? Well, because on Clickbank you have a wide variety of categories to choose from.

Clickbank Categories Jvzoo Categories






So as you can see in the above table, on Clickbank, you get a lot of different categories from where you can choose your product to be promoted.

Jvzoo focuses majorly on software, e-Commerce, and business-related things. On Jvzoo you don’t get categories such as cooking, gardening, music, etc.

So categories on Jvzoo are much smaller.

Offers a combination of digital products and some physical products. However, there are not that many physical products.

Clickbank Vs Jvzoo: Product Quality

Clickbank is the Winner!

Even though there are any average level products and some are even below acceptable standards, but Clickbank in terms of product quality has a good screening process.

On the other hand, Jvzoo is more lenient considering the product quality. They are more relaxed in terms of the criteria to be fulfilled for approving the product.

As a result, you can expect a higher return rate of products on Jvzoo compared to Clickbank.

The quality of the product is very average.

One thing to note is that which affiliate platform you choose, you are going to have some number of junk or poor quality products.

Whether it’s Clickbank, Jvzoo, or any other platform, as a general rule, you can expect almost 80% of products to be of bad or average level. And only the remaining 20% of good or of excellent quality.

So it is very important for you as a marketer to research properly about the product you would like to promote before you actually decide to promote.

Remember, if you are thinking of the long-term then the trust of the audience to whom you are recommending the product is also important.

You can somehow convince them to click through your affiliate link and they may even make the purchase. However, if the product doesn’t meet their expectations or as you have said then you will lose their trust and reputation among your reader’s mind.

So next time whenever you try to promote anything, they will not be interested in checking it out. Hope you got my point. So long story short, properly and carefully research about the product and then only promote in front of your audience.

Clickbank Vs Jvzoo: User Interface

Jvzoo is the winner!

Now how is the user interface of any platform is not much as long as you are able to complete your desired task and find the products you want to promote. But user interface can be major consideration especially if you are a beginner and don’t want to make things complex.

Clickbank is one of the oldest affiliate marketing networks out there and honestly, its interface still shows that it is old.

Don’t worry, once you spend some time, and understand how to use the features then you can work properly without any major issues.

They have also sort of upgraded their public-facing image and their internal dashboard. However, it can be said that the Clickbank interface is still in the transition kind of phase.

On other hand, Jvzoo offers a cleaner, brighter, and far more open type of interface. There is a lot of white spaces and everything looks to be the proper size.

Clickbank Vs Jvzoo: Payment Process

Clickbank is the winner in terms of speed of payment.

On Clickbank, you get paid not only on time but also get the opportunity to select when and how you would like to get paid.

Your Clickbank account will have a payment threshold. Once your combined earning crosses the threshold you will get paid by the mode of payment you have chosen.

Clickbank supports checks, wire transfers as well as direct deposits in certain areas.

However, Vzoo is not that great considering this aspect. The payout schedule will depend mainly on the vendors because vendors pay the affiliates directly in this case.

Although this can be good if the vendor is good and pays out to the affiliate instantly as soon as sales are generated by the affiliate.

But it can also be bad because some vendors may even delay payments for months.

In the case of Jvzoo, the payout time is decided by the vendors even before the affiliate starts cooperating with them. So theoretically, the affiliates of Jvzoo can choose those vendors who have a preferable policy of payout.

But in practice, choosing a specific vendor in the Jvzoo platform is not always possible. So at times, you will be forced to suffer through the delay in payments at some point or the other.

On the other side, Clickbank has a much more transparent system and pays you after two weeks.

Clickbank Vs Jvzoo: Payment Threshold

Clickbank is the winner!

How much money you will have to earn before you can get paid from the platform is what we call payment. This can be an important thing to consider especially if you are in a hurry to get paid.

In the case of Click bank, the minimum threshold is a minimum of $10 or make 5 sales.

On the other hand, in the case of Jvzoo, it is required to have a minimum balance of $50 in your account.

So in terms of the speed of the payout, Clickbank is the clear winner.

Clickbank Vs Jvzoo: Customer Support

Clickbank is the winner!

Guess what, whether it is Clickbank or Jvzoo, you don’t have to deal with customer support as an affiliate marketer directly.

In the case of Clickbank, the Clickbank staff will handle all the customer support staff for the products available on their platform as well as refund requests.

If a customer requests a refund, then instead of arguing or talking with a customer, they generally issue a refund.

However, in the case of Jvzoo, it is the vendor who has to deal with customer support and refund requests.

Now the thing is that if some vendors disappear then whom will the customers contact. they might even contact you as an affiliate. And would you like that? So Clickbank seems to be the best in this aspect as well.

Final Thoughts

In short, if you are a beginner and looking for a lot of categories to choose your product and then promote it, click bank will be better. But if you are mainly focusing on the internet marketing niche, then you might like to try out Jvzoo.

And in the final note, I would like to say that it is not about just which marketplace is better. Whether it’s Clickbank, Jvzoo, or any other, in broad terms, they are similar.

In general, all the affiliate marketplaces pretty much do the same thing. Their overall main aim is to provide the product to the affiliate marketer so that the marketer can grab that and generate sales through the internet.

Your job as an affiliate marketer is pretty important to properly research the product first and then only promote the product. That’s it! Hope this guide helps you! Thanks and good luck with your affiliate marketing journey.