How Much Can Affiliate Marketers Make? (Here’s The Reality!)

If you are about to start affiliate marketing or maybe you are already doing it but not quite sure how much can affiliate marketers make, then you are exactly in the right place. So without any further ado let’s start! How much can affiliate marketers make?

On average, mid-level affiliate marketers can make around $1k to $10k dollars per month. Successful affiliate marketers can even make up to $100k per month. However, beginner affiliate marketers generally make little to no money at the starting.

Keep reading till the end because I’m very eager to discuss this with you more on this topic. So let’s dive in!

Can You Make Good Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, you can make good money with Affiliate Marketing. However, you need to learn many things in order to be a successful affiliate marketer.

Remember when you see those heavy income reports that some bloggers publish. You may think that, WOW they earn so much! And if you are earning less than them then you might have wondered when will you get to their point, right?

But you should know that they are earning so much is because of many reasons and some of them are:

  • They have ALREADY learned the right strategies to bring traffic
  • They invest (either time or money) a lot in publishing great content
  • They are experienced in doing what they do

When you learn affiliate marketing for the first time you tend to think that it is so simple. If someone on YouTube can make thousands of dollars per month just by publishing 1000-2000 words articles and putting affiliate links from Amazon, then why I can’t do that!

So you just most likely purchase the hosting and domain from the person you were influenced by (And by this you are actually making them affiliate sales by the way 🙂

Then you start publishing content after content; 10 articles, 20 articles…(I assume that you don’t publish the affiliate related articles right at the first because you should first write some informational posts on your new blog)

Then you think that you should register for the Amazon Associate Program and so you do so and thus become an Affiliate.

After that, you watch some tutorials and start writing the posts like Best Products Under $, Best X For Y type of posts, and start putting your affiliate links.

And then again you keep publishing posts after post, you do internal links and everything.

If you do all these steps in the right way, if you have targeted the right low competitive topics, if you write helpful articles, if Google starts to trust your blog a little bit (and if you are lucky a little bit) then you will start seeing some movement going in the Google Analytics of your blog.

Google will slowly start ranking your posts and you will start seeing a little bit of traffic.

Now if you have placed and set up the affiliate links correctly on your blog then you will likely make your first affiliate sale, second affiliate sale, third affiliate sale… (and thus start earning from the affiliate commission). And this will keep on increasing depending on your traffic, how well optimized your blog is, and several other factors.

One thing you should know at the very basic:

  • More Traffic = More Money

Yes, I agree that even you can earn affiliate commissions even with less traffic based on how you promote the products, how you optimize and place affiliate links on your blog. But in general and in a broader sense you will see that more traffic will cause you to earn more money.

And please do note that you not only need traffic but you Actually need the high-quality traffic that is going to convert and allow you to earn the affiliate commission.

So it really takes some effort to earn money through affiliate marketing. But to earn good money, you not only need to give effort, but you also need to implement proper strategies as well as improve your knowledge and skill.

How Do Affiliate Marketers Make Money?

In simple words, Affiliate Marketers make money by promoting the products to their audience, generating affiliate sales, and thus earning commissions from those sales.

The commission rates can be 5%, 10%, or anything depending on the products they promote and the affiliate programs they join to.

Here are some of the ways affiliate marketers make money:

  • Being an Amazon Associate and promoting products from Amazon on their blog
  • Joining with affiliate programs other than Amazon and promoting the relevant products

Remember, when you do affiliate marketing you either have the option of joining Amazon or the other programs.

The other affiliate programs can be based upon any product, service, course, software, or other things.

How Fast Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

In general, earning your first income through affiliate marketing can be done within the first 3-6 months of your blogging journey and as long as you get at least some amount of traffic to your blog.

However, to earn a decent income through affiliate marketing it will take some time which can be even within 1 year or up to 2,3 or a few more years depending on how fast you learn affiliate marketing and also implement your learnings.

At the very basic, there are two parts to earn from Affiliate Marketing:

  1. Bringing the people to your blog
  2. Promoting the right products to them through affiliate marketing

Now how fast you can earn money through affiliate marketing mainly depends on the above-mentioned two things.

The first is bringing traffic, the more quickly you can bring traffic to your blog the more will be the chances to get affiliate sales and thus getting affiliate earnings.

While the second thing promoting the product through affiliate marketing is also an important skill because not promoting the right products to the right audience may not lead you to get enough affiliate sales.


In short, a mid-level affiliate marketer makes on average around $1k to $10k per month. The top-level affiliate marketers earn even more than that while the beginners may even struggle to start their earnings through affiliate marketing.

So, it can be said that affiliate marketing is a field where you can’t just write a product review article and hope that you will start earning decent money.

There are a lot of things you need to know, skills you need to grow along with gaining some experience to start making a considerable amount of money.

But don’t worry, if you are always eager to learn, if you are hard-working and if you follow the right strategies then your money-making goals through affiliate marketing can be achieved faster!