How To Get Free Traffic For Affiliate Marketing? The Ultimate Guide!

How To Get Free Traffic For Affiliate Marketing

So you want to get free traffic to your affiliate marketing website. But don’t know how? Then you are exactly in the right place! Without further ado let’s get started. How to get free traffic for affiliate marketing?

You can get free traffic organically, through social media platforms or directly. For getting free organic traffic your content has to rank, for bringing free traffic from social media you have to use Pinterest, Quora, YouTube, etc, and for free direct traffic, branding or getting mentioned is important.

Continue reading till the end to find out more about how to get free traffic to your Affiliate Marketing blog.

How To Get Free Traffic For Affiliate Marketing Organically?

The organic traffic is any traffic that comes to your website through the search engine. You can get this traffic for free but for that you have to make your content such that it can rank well on the first page of the search engines.

You have to find the right low competitive keywords, build proper website structure, and do a lot of things so that the search engine algorithm can trust you and thus start ranking your content.

Now bringing traffic from search engines is not always easy but if you know the right strategies then it can be a great way to get free traffic for affiliate marketing.

How To Get Free Traffic For Affiliate Marketing Using Social Media?

There are many social media platforms from which you can bring free traffic to your blog. But here I will be sharing only some of them which I think can give better results of your efforts. So let’s start with the first one.

#1. Getting Free Traffic For Affiliate Marketing Using Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the most popular sources from which you can get free traffic. Here you have to first create your account. Opening a business account on Pinterest is recommended.

You can claim your domain name, do all the necessary setup that is required and you can start your journey.

The basic concept of driving traffic from Pinterest is to create high quality pins that are helpful for the Pinterest users. Once your Pins start getting attraction. As it gets pinned by more and more people, and if you had attached the link to your blog post relevant to which you had created the pin.

Then, you will start getting traffic from the Pinterest platform. However, don’t hope that you can create one or two pins and just start getting traffic from tomorrow. No it doesn’t work like that.

Instead, you need to keep publishing relevant high quality pins on a frequent basis especially at the first when you don’t get any kind of impressions or clicks on your pins.

But once your pinterest profile gets established, gets a decent number of followers and if you already published a lot of pins that are generally evergreen in nature then you can reduce the frequency of posting new pins.

However, it is still advised to keep the momentum of posting new pins on your pinterest profile.

#2. Getting Free Traffic For Affiliate Marketing Using Quora

Quora is a social media platform where people ask questions on a variety of topics and you can answer those questions, and thus help them.

In return, you can also promote links to your blog in the answers. However, as long as you have answered something really helpful and putting your links adds more value to the answer and helps the reader to know more, then it is okay.

But if you are just thinking of spamming Quora then sorry, this is not the right place from where you can get free traffic.

#3. Getting Free Traffic For Affiliate Marketing Using Reddit

Reddit is a forum where many users discuss various topics and things they like.

Now you can join Reddit groups that are relevant to the niche your blog is based on then you can participate in some discussions.

And after building some trust you can also start pushing links to your website in the forum answers you share. But keep in mind that, you have to have less promotional intent and more helping intent.

In fact, this is a good rule of thumb that you need to consider not just for Reddit but for any other forum. No one would like a spammer in their discussion, right?

If your only approach is to get traffic from Reddit and you constantly do spamming then you might get banned from the group.

So you have to answer the questions genuinely, with the intent of helping the readers and you should put links to your articles only when the reader might like to get more information about the topic.

For example, If you’re answering some question on a Reddit discussion then you can first thoroughly answer that question that satisfies the reader. Then at the end or wherever it makes sense within your answer, you can also put a link to your website.

While linking you can say something like this: “So I hope you found the answer helpful. By the way, I have a detailed guide here (link) on the same topic. In case you are interested to know more, please feel free to check it out.”

This way you are not only first providing a thorough answer to the question but you are also adding a helpful link through which the reader can know more about the topic.

If you answer the questions in this way then it is highly unlikely that your answers will be discouraged. And thus you will start getting free traffic in this way.

#4. Getting Free Traffic For Affiliate Marketing Using YouTube

To get free traffic from YouTube you first need to get some views on your YouTube videos because only from that viewers you will get the readers of your blog.

So you will have to build a YouTube channel along with your affiliate blog. And then, you need to post YouTube videos that correspond to some articles that you have already written on your blog.

Moreover, you also need to give a “Call To Action!” in your videos which means you need to encourage your viewers that if they want to get the information or content in written form then they can click on the link in the description.

This way, whenever they click on the link in the description of your videos, it will take them to your website. Giving a “Call To Action” the viewers of your YouTube video will get encouraged and they will click on the link and visit your website.

For example, if you are sharing certain tips about some topic and you have made an article that covers let’s say 17 tips on something relevant to your niche. Now, suppose that you also want to make a YouTube video regarding that topic.

So you can make a video of only 10 tips because this way your video will be short. Also, the thing you can do is you can mention to the viewers that if you want to see more tips then feel free to check out the link in the description which will share with you a total of 17 tips on the same topic.

Now just say, won’t you be interested in clicking on the link and reading the article, right?

So this way you can place your article’s link in the YouTube video description and then you can get some views and you can convert those viewers into the readers of your blog. And thus get the free traffic for your affiliate marketing blog.

How To Get Free Direct Traffic For Affiliate Marketing?

Direct traffic is traffic that comes to your website, not from any referring website. It is actually the traffic that comes to your website directly:

  • When people type your website URL on their web browser
  • When they land on your website by click on a bookmarked link that they have saved

Now you might think about why direct traffic is great? Well, the answer is, they are the actual fans of your content. 

You don’t need to post links to your articles anywhere for getting traffic. They will directly come to your website once you build a fan base of people who are always ready to read your content.

Moreover, the direct traffic can also be a kind of passive because whenever you publish the new content the actual portion of direct traffic will come automatically, right?

So it is good to have direct traffic on your website. But the question comes How to get direct traffic to your website? And the most important factor that will help you to get direct traffic to your website is Branding!

Now how to do branding well? First of all, you should have a domain name that you can brand. Then you need to publish high-quality content that actually helps the readers of your blog.

And also you have to build trust among the readers and several other factors which will finally make your blog an established blog and as a brand in your niche.

Now building a brand can take some time because you have to publish high-quality content, build trust, and so on… Hence, all of these will naturally take some time.

You might think what is the quick or easy way to get direct traffic? Well, the answer to that is getting your blog mentioned to a large group of people who would like to consume your content.

For example, let’s say you have a pet blog where you write informational articles about pets and you also promote relevant affiliate products. Now suppose that there’s a YouTube channel that has a lot of subscribers who are always interested in reading about blogs.

So let’s say that your blog gets mentioned in one of the videos of that kind of YouTube channel. Then as soon as it happens, on the same day you will see a huge spike in your traffic which will be direct traffic.

Do you know how it happens? Well, it is because now more people are aware of your blog name (your brand). So more people will directly search your blog URL and come to your blog. They will read your content, get engaged with your content and might also keep on coming back again.

Your brand awareness will also build-up among a certain group of people. Now why is this beneficial? It is because Google will see the traffic that comes to your website. They will analyze:

  • How are the readers engaging with your content?
  • How much time are they staying on your page?
  • And many other factors like that.

This will ultimately help Google to better analyze and rank your content in the right way.

Now you might be thinking that you don’t have a large group of audience to whom you can spread awareness of your website. So why not send your blog link and tell your friends and family members to visit your blog!

But wait, it is not a very helpful way because your friends and family members, most of them will only open and see your blog for the sake of you telling them to do that.

They will not engage with your content that much as compared to a reader who is actually interested in reading an engaging answer to the questions that you might have said in your content.

So if your family members and friends read your content on the website they will only spend some time and bounce back from your website. This may in fact send bad signals to Google.

Just think, if people are bouncing off from your content, then is it a good sign? No!. I hope you got my point.


In short, to get free traffic to your affiliate marketing website you can either write high quality posts that can rank well on google and thus bring traffic organically. You can also promote your blog on social media platforms with the intent of helping the readers.

Finally, you can also get direct traffic by either building a brand which can take longer or get mentioned among a popular group of people and thus create awareness about your brand name (your website). So that’s it! Hope you found this article helpful. Thanks!