How To Make An Affiliate Website For FREE: All You Need To Know!

How To Make An Affiliate Website For FREE

Okay, so you want to make an affiliate marketing website. But you are short on funds to invest? No problem, I’m here to help you out. Let’s see how to make an affiliate marketing website for free.

You can create an affiliate marketing website for free using the platforms which allow building a free website such as,, etc. However, whenever you create a website for free you will surely have limitations such as not having a branded domain name, less customization, less control and many more.

So it is best if you at least invest some money especially for the domain name and then, later on, invest more in your blog if it keeps on growing. Keep reading till the end because I’m going to share with you everything that you need to know about how to make the affiliate marketing website for free!

Which website is best for affiliate marketing?

Now out of all the free platforms if you are a beginner, I would recommend you to start with the free blogger platform. Why? Well, because it is very clean and simple.

If you are about to build an affiliate marketing website then you are probably going to make a niche site, right? (Means on a particular topic). And then you want to promote affiliate links in your articles.

Also, you might be interested in getting the approval of AdSense. And for that, you would have to focus on producing great quality content on your blog.

Now, if you are going on a complex platform or one has a lot of customizations. Then, you might actually end up spending a lot of time playing with your website theme or design which won’t help you to move ahead in your affiliate marketing journey.

So let’s see how you can create an affiliate marketing website on blogger.

How To Make An Affiliate Website For Free

Step-1: Open and create your account

On any browser type on the search bar and open the blogger website. There you’ll see an option for sign-in, likely on the top right corner.

So click on sign in and create your blogger account.

Step-2: Choose the name & URL of your blog

After you sign in you will likely see a window where you will be asked to choose the name of your blog. Now note that if you are about to start a free website where you don’t invest in a custom domain name then you would only get a subdomain on this platform.

That means whatever name you choose for your domain name it will have a “” at its behind.

Custom Domain: Free Domain:

Now you would be thinking what’s the issue with this subdomain? Well, the short answer is it is not good for branding.

Most successful affiliate marketing websites have a custom domain name that they pay for. Like People are more familiar with that type of domain name.

But the free domain name becomes long and not good for branding. It is actually the limitation that you would get when you start completely free.

See when you set up a blog there are basically two things:

  • The name of your blog online: “Your Domain name”
  • The place where the blog will live online: “Your Hosting”

Now here the blogger platform already offers a free hosting platform. So you don’t need to worry about it. It also offers a free domain name but the thing is that it will be a subdomain which means will be attached at the behind of whatever name you choose.

For branding purpose, it is good to invest at least in a custom domain and connect with your blog. (Don’t neglect ‘branding’ because it helps in building trust with your readers. No one would be willing to click on an affiliate link from a website they don’t trust)

Step-3: Confirm your display name

In this step, you need to confirm your name. Basically, here you have to fill in the information of how would you like your name to be displayed to the readers of the blog.

Once you complete this step then just click on Finish and there you have it! Hurray! Your free blog is ready.

Step-4: Click on View Blog to see your Blog

Although you don’t have any posts or pages yet, you have completed the basic steps if you followed all the steps until now.

To see your blog is read or not just look at the bottom left side and locate the option of your “View Blog”. Click on it and you will be able to see your blog.

Step-5: Choose a basic and responsive theme

Now, the theme is not so important but that doesn’t mean that you should neglect it completely. The theme of the blog will play a crucial role in the user experience of your readers.

However, at the same time, you shouldn’t also stress too much about the theme and design of your blog. A good and clean theme that works well both on desktop and mobile devices with proper font size and navigation will be enough.

Note that there are also free as well as paid blogger themes available. But if you are just starting out, then it is recommended that you first focus on building great content, driving traffic, and on other important concepts.

Step-6: Start writing posts and pages and build your website

So this is ultimately where everything begins. If you think of your online blog as an online shop. Then your articles and pages by which you deliver your content will be the products of your online shop.

If you can create the best quality content along with implementing the knowledge you gather alongside learning various necessary skills such as keyword research, choosing the affiliate program, content structuring, etc. then it is very likely that you’ll start experiencing success with your affiliate marketing website.


In short, you can make a free Affiliate marketing website using platforms that allow you to build free websites.

Though you would face limitations, it is good in the beginning to start with a free blog, learn everything and once you feel confident then start investing money for your blog.

If you are a beginner then you can start on the free platform. It is also recommended to invest at least in a custom domain if possible for better branding purposes. That’s it! Hope you found this article helpful.