How To Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money

 How to Start Affiliate Marketing

Thinking of starting affiliate marketing but lacking money to invest? No problem. I have got you covered. So, how to start affiliate marketing with no money?

At first, you have to build a social media or a web platform. After creating the platform, you have to become an affiliate by joining programs such as the Amazon Associates program, Clickbank, Shareasale, etc. and then start bringing traffic as well as promoting products on your platform.

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Do You Need Money To Start Affiliate Marketing?

No, you don’t necessarily need money to start affiliate marketing. There are many free ways through which you can start affiliate marketing.

However, if you want to do affiliate marketing seriously and professionally. If you think of it as a real business then at some point you will need to invest money.

For example, let’s say that right now you don’t have money or you are not willing to invest money. So you decided to build a platform lets say a free website.

Now you start building this website, writing posts, designing the theme. You do lots of thing. But remember that if you haven’t invested any money then it will be likely that you have a free subdomain and maybe you might also have the free hosting with lots of limitations.

So a time will come where you will have to invest money to get a custom domain so that you can have more branded domain name. Also, you might need to invest in hosting if you want more control over your website which the free hosting platform might not be offering.

Generally, if you just use social media platforms such as YouTube then will not need any money at the starting.

Even if you create website then that can be done completely for free. However, for more control, more customization option, having a branded domain, and considering lots of other aspects, you might need to invest in at least a domain and a hosting right at the first.

And here’s the basic step by step process (roadmap) you will have to keep in mind while doing affiliate marketing with/without money:

  1. Build the Platform
  2. Become an Affiliate
  3. Start bringing Traffic to the platform
  4. Start Promoting the right affiliate product
  5. Start Earning Money

So except the type of platform you choose, at the fundamental level all the concepts of the remaining steps will be applicable.

Remember that in the online world TRAFFIC = MONEY

If you have traffic then you can monetize that traffic and start earning money. I hope you got the idea. Now let’s have a look at some of the ways to start affiliate marketing with no money.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money?

Here are some of the ways through which you can start affiliate marketing with no money:

#1. Free Website

There are platforms like blogger through which you can build a completely free website. And once you create a website you have to create content including informational posts, review posts, product comparison posts, etc and start promoting the relevant affiliate products wherever possible.

After you have written some good quality content and create a basic nice looking website, you can just go to the affiliate programs and apply there to become as their affiliate.

After you get approved and become an affiliate, you can create your own unique link and then use that link to promote any products on your blog.

Once the user makes any purchase by clicking through your affiliate links, you will earn an affiliate commission.

#2. YouTube

YouTube is another great way through which you can start affiliate marketing for free. And the great thing is you don’t need a lot of subscriber base or anything like that.

Once you apply for let’s say Amazon Affiliate program and you get accepted. Then you can just start promoting the affiliate links relevant to the products your promote in the videos or of anything that your audience might be interested in checking out.

You can use the YouTube Video description to place your affiliate link. And in your videos you can mention to the viewers to check out the links you have placed in the video description.

If your content is genuine and the product your promote is relevant then it is likely that your audience will click through your affiliate link, make the purchase and thus you can earn the affiliate commission.

The best thing is you don’t require to pay anything to use the YouTube platform. You just have to create great quality videos that will help your audience.

#3. Instagram

Instagram is another great way through you can start affiliate marketing even without no money.

Remember, that Instagram is a social media platform and as with all other social media platforms you have to be very active from creating great content to commenting and doing all the things that can help you grow on Instagram.

On Instagram you can put affiliate links wherever it is allowed to add links. Some of the places where you can put your affiliate links are as follows:

  • Instagram Bio
  • Instagram Stories
  • IGTV Descriptions

Once you build a large follower base then you will have the chances of making sales through affiliate links.

One thing to note that whether it is Instagram or any other platform at the end to who you would be selling your link to is a person. If that person trusts on you, trusts why and what you are saying only then they will be likely to click through links and make the purchase.

That’s the key thing that if you understand right from the starting then it will be helpful to you.

You can also do affiliate marketing on Pinterest and you can even promote your affiliate links to forums, etc. But free website, YouTube and Instagram are mainly the best ways on which you can focus and start doing affiliate marketing even without no money.


So yes, you can start affiliate marketing with no money by building free websites or using social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, etc.

But at some point or the other, you may feel that you have to invest money, especially if you consider earning online through affiliate marketing as a real business. That’s it. Thanks!