Is Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest Worth It?

You might have just started affiliate marketing on Pinterest, or might be you are already doing it. But not quite sure whether it is worth it or not? You are in the right place! So without any further ado let’s get started. Is Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest Worth It?

Affiliate marketing on Pinterest is worth it as long as you understand how the Pinterest algorithm works, how to bring traffic to your pins, and also how to make people click on your pins. Learning these things might take some time but compared to other social media platforms, Pinterest is good.

Keep reading till the end because I’m going to share with you whether or not you can make money on Pinterest, the pros, and cons of affiliate marketing on Pinterest, and other related topics.

Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest

Pros And Cons Of Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest


Pinterest is an image search engine so you can optimize your pins in such a way that whenever someone searches for relevant terms to your niche, your pins get pooped up in the results.

Pins on Pinterest have a long shelf life. So if you have optimized your pins well then they can keep on the search results for a long time for your targeted term.

It’s Free! Yes, you can also buy ads on Pinterest, but the normal way to promote the Pinterest pins to get traffic is completely free. Moreover, the business accounts also give you the complete analytics of the performance of the pin so you can make better strategies


It is dependent only on Pinterest – one system which can be risky. One Pinterest algorithm can destroy whole setup traffic bringing potential on Pinterest.

And this is just not with Pinterest buy in the online world it is the same drawback whenever you depend on only one thing. So it is better to start diversifying as you become established in one thing.

Understanding the whole Pinterest algorithm, how everything works and what actually makes people click on your Pins might take some time to learn.

How Do Affiliates Make Money On Pinterest?

There are generally two main ways through which affiliates make money:

  1. They make a blog post or landing page that contains the affiliate links and then drive traffic to that page through Pinterest.
  2. They directly drive traffic to the products page by using the affiliate links on the Pinterest pins.

Although please note that if you are following the second option of directly putting the affiliate links on the Pinterest pins then you need to follow certain rules.

  • Always make sure to disclose your affiliate relationship with your affiliate program by saying by putting #affiliate or #affiliatelink in your pin.
  • Avoid shortening the affiliate link as Pinterest might not like it. Try to be transparent with what you are doing.
  • Some companies may not allow using their product images directly on your pins so you might have to create your own pins.

How Many Pinterest Followers Do You Need To Get Paid?

Follower count is not the criteria required on Pinterest to get paid especially through affiliate marketing.

Remember that you are not being paid by Pinterest if you are doing affiliate marketing on Pinterest. Instead, the affiliate programs will pay you when someone will buy through your affiliate links.

It is actually a misconception that the more followers you have on Pinterest the more you can earn. The only way you can earn as said is when people click your affiliate links and purchase the products.

It can be that you have a lot of followers on Pinterest but still, you are not able to make money or drive traffic. Also, the vice versa can be true where you gain more traffic and earn more even though you have fewer followers.

Can You Really Make Money On Pinterest?

There are many different ways to make money on Pinterest. However, you need to give time to acquire the skills and then implement them to earn money.

Affiliate marketing on Pinterest is just one of the several ways through which you can earn money based on Pinterest.

How Do Beginners Make Money On Pinterest?

Please note that it can be hard to make money if you just keep on considering yourself as a beginner.

You have to learn and explore all the ways, select the options that suit best to your needs, acquire necessary skills, implement them and start working on them and wait for the results.

You can’t always think that I’m a beginner so I can’t do this or do that. Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone!

So here are some of the ways through which you can money based on Pinterest (other than affiliate marketing):

Becoming a Pinterest VA:

Becoming a VA or virtual assistant is one of the ways through which you can earn money based on Pinterest. One of the primary jobs that Pinterest VA has to do include: Creating pins, scheduling pins, automating the pinning process, doing keyword research, etc.

You can have several clients for whom you can do different kinds of Pinterest management tasks. However, you need to know about Pinterest, at least the basic things.

Driving Traffic To eCommerce site:

Ecommerce is another way you can use to earn money on Pinterest. Here you’ll not earn money from Pinterest, instead, you’ll be driving traffic to your online eCommerce stores on stores like Shopify or Etsy and then earn when they purchase any product.

This option is also good but the only thing is you must have an online eCommerce store to where you can send people to. You can also promote your pins on Pinterest in order to get traffic to your eCommerce.

Offering Pinterest Consulting Services

If you think that you are good at using Pinterest and you are quite skilled enough about it. Then you can start making money by offering consulting services.

In these services, you have to generally provide a complete review of the Pinterest profile of your client, their analytics as well as their website. And then you can recommend to them certain tips and guides that will help your client to achieve their goals.

However, to promote your Pinterest consulting service


Earning money online is not always easy. It really takes some time to know about everything, how everything works, to learn various skills, to implement the strategies, and also to wait for the results. And the same goes with Affiliate marketing on Pinterest as well.

However, if you are smart and dedicated to learning then chances of achieving success through Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest will be faster.

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