Is Mediavine Better Than Ezoic? (A Complete Guide!)

Is Mediavine Better Than Ezoic

Okay, so you have a well-established blog or one that already gets a decent number of visitors per month. You are now thinking of monetizing your blog with display ads networks such as Ezoic or Adthrive. But wait, which is better? Is Mediavine better than Ezoic?

Mediavine is better than Ezoic because it generally performs well in terms of delivering greater RPM and providing non-intrusive, optimized ads. However, since the approval process of Mediavine is a little hard for new bloggers who have less traffic, putting up Ezoic ads seems to be the better option for them.

Approval is harder comparativelyApproval is easy comparatively
Requires 50,000 sessionsNo session or traffic limit requirement
RPM is generally and comparatively moreRPM is generally and comparatively less
More professional kind of supportMore human like personal kind of support

Advantage Of Mediavine


In general, Mediavine earns a bit more compared to ezoic. However, it can vary depending on a lot of factors. Continue reading because more on this topic is discussed ahead!

Better optimized ads

Mediavine doesn’t give you much control over ad placeholder placement like the ezoic. However, their ads optimization and placement is quite good and thus leading to a better user experience.

Disadvantages Of Mediavine

Approval process is hard

As per Mediavine, in order to join them your site must have at least 50,000 sessions in the previous 30 days. And to achieve this figure on your blog is not that easy especially when you just start out. Also, the approval process takes some time.

Advantages Of Ezoic

Quick & Easy Approval

Previously to become a member each blogger had to have at least certain sessions or page views limit. But there’s no such limit now.

You have to just sign up and complete the necessary steps and you are done. Moreover, you’ll likely be assigned to an ezoic representative who would take care of all your concerns.

Even if you are having problems with the ad placeholders setup and all that technical stuff then don’t worry! You can request your respective account manager/Ezoic representative who would solve your problems.

If you have good original helpful content and although there’s no limit but still if you have some traffic then your approval will be quite quick. Within a few days or a week you could see the Ezoic ads running on your website

Big data Analytics

This analytics on Ezoic let’s you to understand and analyze many different things about your site. For example, you can see on which pages you get how much epmv and thus further plan your content accordingly on your blog.

Disadvantages Of Ezoic

Ads Can be less Optimized

Although it’s not always the case, ads on ezoic may look intrusive sometime and also impact user experience upto some level.

Earning Comparison Of Mediavine & Ezoic

Income school did a survey on more than 100 bloggers and based on that, they found out that Mediavine and Adthrive generated more revenue per thousand pageviews (Median RPM in their statistics) compared to Adsense or Ezoic.

However, according to them there was a loophole in this study. Mediavine and Adthrive only accept big websites that have certain traffic already and also have a certain range of traffic only from the US.

But on the other hand, Ezoic accepts all publishers (and also now they no longer impose pageview limits upon new sign ups).and bloggers that have traffic from any other countries. And so as per them the data suggested the Ezoic isn’t earning as much.

But they tried to correct this and decided to compare the statistics in a more accurate way. This time they only included those type of sites that had at least 30,000 pageviews and US, Uk, Canada based traffic

And finally as per the new data they found that there was no significant statistical difference between the Median RPM between Ezoic, Mediavine, and Adthrive.

Ad Network Type: Median RPM:

Adthrive $23.06

In fact, they found that the Ezoic had a slight edge on the median RPM.

So one thing is clear from this study, that if you have a very large site that receives a considerable amount of traffic then there’s not much significant difference between the ad networks.

I recommend you to watch this video to know more about this study:

However, as per, they saw good results with Mediavine compared to Ezoic. They highlighted the same site which was earning under $4 per 1000 pageviews on Ezoic, whereas the same site on Mediavine earns $19 per 1000 pageviews.

Also, according to, Mediavine offered significantly higher RPM than Ezoic. There they say that the highest RPM with Mediavine is $45 while the highest RPM with Ezoic is $15.

Moreover, personally I watch many youtube videos of famous blogging influencers, read various articles, and from all I have understood: There is a general consensus that Mediavine pays more than Ezoic.

However, please note the word general as many factors play on RPM so it can vary case by case. Maybe you have better earning experience with Ezoic or maybe with Mediavine.

But in general sense it can be said that Mediavine pays more than Ezoic.

Final Thoughts

Being a blogger I myself know how motivating and helpful it is when the money starts flowing in your account after your months of efforts and investments.

At last whatever you think, blogging is a real business and like any business your target would be (and should be) to get the best ROI. So the ad network that pays better for the same number of traffic with better user experience would be the winner – the Mediavine.

But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t monetize your blog and wait until you get the Mediavine approval. In fact, setting up the Ezoic ads right from the start (especially after they have removed the minimum traffic threshold) is a great way to get a headstart in your blogging business.

So in short, setup Ezoic ads when you start to get a minimum level of traffic and keep it, and once you qualify for Mediavine feel free to shift to Mediavine.