Top 10 Low Competition Niches For Affiliate Marketing

Low Competition Niches For Affiliate Marketing

The type of niche and its competition level plays an important role in how fast and how easy you can get success in your affiliate marketing journey. If you choose a low competition niche then it can really help you a lot.

Generally, the hobby niches and specific niches on pets are low competitive. Health, fitness, yoga, cooking, etc., and other niches that are mainly product-focused are way too competitive. If you can find a good number of underserved keywords in a niche then it is a sign of being less competitive.

Let’s dive in deeper and see what makes a niche site low or highly competitive and some of the less competitive niches that you can start working on for your first blogging project.

What makes a niche site low or highly competitive?

We are the content creators and bloggers who want to create content in any niche. Our goal is to earn money by monetizing our content, and also helping people to get the information.

Some of the things that make any niche more attractive to any content creator on the web are as follows:

  • How many people are searching for topics related to that niche?
  • How many affiliate products can be promoted in that niche?
  • How much can be earned through ads in the niche?
  • How hard is it to create any content in that niche even without significant expertise/experience?

Now there can be other things as well. But these are generally the primary things that a content creator/blogger would consider while finding the niche ideas.

What you will find is that in general, most of all the niches that have a very satisfying answer to all of the above-mentioned questions will likely be more competitive.

To understand more about this, let’s take an example!

Niche A:Niche B:
High Search VolumeMedium to Low But Enough Search Volume
Lots of Affiliate Products to promoteModerate to only few affiliate products to promote
Lots of earning potential through adsMedium to less earning potential through ads
It is easy and not that hard to create content even without expertise/experienceIt is easy to create content but can be hard if you don’t have expertise/experience in the niche

Now I ask you, as a general content creator, which niche would you prefer the most, the A one or The B one? Likely, your answer will be Niche A.

Why? Well, it is because anyone would always like to work on a project which is easy to work and gives more results (has more earning potential through ads and also more opportunity for promoting affiliate products)

So most all the content creators will run for the niches where they can easily just crank out content and start making money easily, which in turn raises the competition.

On the other hand, just think about the NIche B. It also has the earning potential of ads and affiliate is less as compared to Niche A, and it requires a bit more expertise/experience about the niche.

And although the earning potential is less through ads and affiliates, it is less competitive. It also gives the opportunity to earn from info products. By getting a certain amount of traffic you can also start generating sales from your info product.

Now since the earning potential is low and the content writing demands certain experience/expertise about the niche, most content creators (those looking for ease with less effort) will be out of those niches. And thus as a result it makes them generally less competitive.

Why are hobby & pet niches less competitive?

Now hobby niches are basically those niches that are based on a certain hobby type. It can be as specific as just sewing or as broad as gardening or photography.

Pet niche can be as specific as a certain pet type such as a hedgehog or as broad as Pets in general.

Now the thing is that, both the niches generally have the potential to earn through ads as well as by promoting affiliate products. But compared to a heavily product-focused niche such as a gadget review website let’s say, the affiliate products will be less in the hobby as well as the pet niche in general.

Also, since these hobby and pet niches are based on the experience of the people, creating content is not always easy. To stand out and rank well, not all topics can be just the summary version of what is already available on the web.

In some topics, you would be required to pour in your experience/expertise as a hobbyist.

So in short, the hobby and pet niche are less competitive because generally they have a bit less earning through ads and affiliate products as compared to a heavy product-focused niche, and also creating content on certain topics may need expertise/experience.

As a result, most content creators/bloggers try to avoid these niches and focus on other product-related niches and thus making these niches less competitive.

There can be exceptions to whatever I said until now but they are meant to be in general. So now let’s get into the most exciting part and that is discussing some of the most less competitive niches

Important note: All the below-mentioned niches are not based on any keyword research tool. I have considered them in the list of low competitive niches based on my general sense and research.

So although I have made my best to find the best low competitive niches please make sure to double-check the competition before you actually start building your affiliate marketing website on them.

List of Low Competitive Niche Ideas:

#1. Sewing

This is a great topic to start an affiliate blog especially if you are passionate about it. There are many people who want to learn about sewing and typing various queries on google.

You can make informational-based posts such as “How-To” type. There is also an opportunity to promote some affiliate products such as sewing machines.

#2. Pottery

Pottery is also a good niche if you are passionate about it. Pottery is the process and the product of forming various objects with clay and other ceramic materials.

It is a form of art and it will require different equipment and that’s where you can get the opportunity to promote affiliate products.

#3. Soccer

This can be a great niche especially if you are also passionate about it. As you might already know there are great soccer fans out there. You can do affiliate marketing and recommend equipment such as:

  • Soccer Balls
  • Soccer Cleats
  • Soccer Bags
  • Soccer Goalie Gloves

Not only do you have the scope of affiliate marketing but you can also sell an info product like an ebook that is based on kind of fitness training, etc.

#4. Juggling

Juggling can also be a good topic for building a blog about it. It can be a good niche considering affiliate marketing and ads. Maybe an info product can also fit well with your blog.

Doing quick research in my own style of finding low competitive keywords, I felt that there are still some underserved keywords you can target for. However, I’m not quite sure of how much search volume or audience you can get in this niche.

So please check that out before you actually start building a blog around it. If you are confident about this niche and if you feel that it has a large audience that you can deliver great content, then this could be the niche you might be looking to start your blogging journey.

#5. Darts

Darts is another great niche and low competitive too as per my own research. I haven’t used any keyword tool. But the way I find low competition keywords, I did so for the darts niche as well.

And actually, there are not many blogs that are targeting this niche. This niche also has ads and affiliate opportunities. You can write darts, dartboards, and dart games, and all other related things. Maybe you can earn by selling your info products.

Now although the niche seems to be low competitive to me, I’m not pretty much sure how much search volume you can expect. So make sure to research a bit more about that before you actually launch your blog in this niche.

But if you are confident about that then you can feel free to start your blog in this niche.

#6. Hair Cutting

Yes, this can also be a great niche especially covering the angle of hair cutting at home. You have the opportunity to write informational and how to post regarding how to cut hair at homes and also other related topics.

You can also review and write about various hair cutting tools and styling products. You can also make an info product like an ebook that can help your audience.

I’m not so much concerned about the search volume in this case as well the whether or not this will be an evergreen niche. It is because I think there are many people who could be searching for various things related to this niche. Right?

And also not all of us are going to lose all the hair anytime soon as long as we are still humans 🙂 And if we have hair then we would also keep searching how to cut hair… Hope you got the logic!

However, I want to draw your attention to one thing and that is whether to consider this as a separate niche or combine it in a broader niche.

If you just make a blog on hair cutting then just think how many posts you can write about it? But what if you chose a broad domain name based on Beauty, Styling, or anything like that and just start covering the hair cutting niche under it as a category.

This way you always have the door open to jump onto the new category once you run out of topics or if you get exhausted.

#7. Disc Golf

This niche also seems to be a great untapped niche as per my research. You can write on various topics related to throwing disc golfs, best disc golfs, etc. Also, you can promote affiliate products such as:

  • Disc Golf Discs
  • Disc Golf Baskets
  • Disc Golf Bags

Moreover, you can create an info product such as a beginner’s guide ebook about disc golf and earn from different revenue streams on your blog. So overall it

#8. Hedgehog

Now here comes a type of pet niche. Generally, when we talk about pet niche dogs and cats only come to our mind, right? And because of that although they are not way too competitive like a cooking niche or a health or finance niche.

But still, there is a medium-level competition you can expect because many bloggers are now getting attracted to starting a blog about cats and dogs.

Now if you are looking specifically for a low competition niche then you can start a pet blog based on some different kind of pet other than the dogs and cats and that is hedgehog.

A hedgehog is a spiny mammal that many people keep as a pet. You can write informational products related to hedgehog care. You can also promote affiliate products that would be required for caring for and maintaining the proper health of the hedgehog.

Moreover, you can also earn through an info product such as an ebook based on a complete guide related to hedgehogs.

So overall this niche seems to be very good. You can either start a separate blog just dedicated to hedgehogs, or you can choose a broad domain name and under that cover hedgehog topic.

#9. Farming

This is a very broad niche and I feel that it has lots of opportunities where you can create content. You can write on a variety of topics covering a variety of angles. You can monetize through ads, affiliates, etc. There are many ways you can monetize this niche.

#10. Home Music Studio

There are a lot of music lovers out there who are looking for various things related to home music studios. And since this is a technical niche, there are also opportunities to promote technical gadgets as well as digital tools through affiliate marketing.


So in short, hobbies and pet niches are generally less competitive. However, there can also be niches other than these ones, that have opportunities where you can find some underserved keywords.

Remember, not just competition level but you also have to keep in mind things like the monetization potential of the niche you choose, how you are going to produce content for your blog. Hope you can now find the niche of your choice. Thanks!