VidIQ vs Tubebuddy – Best Youtube Marketing Software

So, you want to do keyword research, video optimization, and lots of other things for YouTube videos using the tools like VidIQ and Tubebuddy. But wait, are you confused about which one is best? Then you are in the right place. So, which is best from VidIQ vs Tubebuddy?

VidIQ is slightly better compared to TubeBuddy in terms of keyword research and user interface. However, TubeBuddy is better than VidIQ for doing bulk editing and it also provides the A/B testing for thumbnails to see which thumbnail performs the best.

Helps in creating videos on trending topicsHelps in bulk processing your videos
Shows search volume of the related searches at a timeShows the search volume of only the searched keyword at a time
You get the views per hour featureYou get the thumbnail A/B testing feature

Keep reading till the end to find out a detailed comparison of both VidIQ and Tubebuddy. Let’s start!

VidIQ Vs Tubebuddy: Ease of Use

In terms of ease of use, both the tools are good. However, in order to use some features efficiently, you need to learn how to use them. But don’t worry, you can learn them approximately within a week’s time.

There’s not much technical knowledge required to use these tools. In terms of comparison, VidIQ is slightly easier than the TubeBuddy. Tubebuddy is good but its UI feels a bit outdated.

In terms of learning how to use the tool, VidIQ is slightly easier than the TubeBuddy. But don’t worry if you are dedicated and you give enough time then you can learn to use both of these tools.

VidIQ Vs Tubebuddy: Keyword Research

Considering keyword research, first, let’s talk about the TubeBuddy.

So in that, you need to go to the option Keyword Explorer.

On the search bar, you need to type the keyword and click explore. Once you do that you will get the overall score, score analysis, related section, and also the video tags section.

Now in the case of VidIQ, for keyword research, you need to go to the Keyword Inspector option. Then you can type the keyword in the search bar and click search.

Once you do that you’ll be able to see the keywords related to your search, search volume, competition, overall score, and also top 10 trending videos.

The best thing about VidIQ is that it not only shows the search volume for the keyword you searched but also shows the search volume of all the related keywords.

On the other hand, in the case of TubeBuddy, you only get the search volume of the main keyword.

Also, in TubeBuddy you’ll not be able to see the search volume of the related searches until you select them. Whereas, VidIQ shows the search volume of every keyword.

When you open the search results of keywords you researched, the VidIQ resembles somewhat like the SEO tools such as Uber Suggest, which shows you the list of all keywords, search volume, and their competition.

So if you are already accustomed to using those traditional keyword tools then you may also like the VidIQ keyword research page interface.

In the case of TubeBuddy, there’s a weighted and unweighted score for any searched keyword. In simple words, the weighted feature tells us how much chance we have to rank for that particular searched keyword.

Tubebuddy also shows us the results to see who are ranking at the top results. And it also shows the google trends chart.

So in short, in terms of keyword research, VidIQ seems to be a little better.

VidIQ Vs Tubebuddy: Demonetization Prevention

Demonetization is one of the major concerns of many Youtubers. But thanks to both tools that help you to prevent demonetization.

In the case of TubeBuddy, it audits itself automatically and checks in order to make sure whether or not you’re following YouTube’s recommendations. The audit also finds words that can potentially cause the video to get penalized.

Moreover, you can also look for demonetized videos on your channel and submit them for manual review as well by its demonetization double check tool.

On the other hand, the controversial keywords feature in VidIQ finds and identifies words and phrases from your metadata that are not friendly for the advertisers

VidIQ Vs Tubebuddy: Free Version

In the free version of VidIQ, you get the features such as:

  • Views Per Hour: It shows how many views a video receives in one hour
  • YouTube Tag Suggestions: It shows you the relevant tags along with their search volume

Whereas in the free version of TubeBuddy, you get features such as:

  • Keyword Explorer: Through it, you can find relevant and popular keywords on YouTube
  • Comment Sorting: Through it, you can sort your comment section based on the criteria like hearted/unhearted comments, comments you haven’t responded to, etc.
  • YouTube Keyword Suggestions: It gives you a lot of related tags for the keywords you target

VidIQ Vs Tubebuddy: Mobile App

In the case of mobile apps, you can download TubeBuddy’s mobile app for free. You may experience limitations of some features unless you get the TubeBuddy Mobile Unlimited.

In order to get Mobile Unlimited, you can either pay a monthly fee or you can get it for free with any paid plan that you purchase. The features are generally based on comments and tag management.

While the VidIQ mobile app is free to download and use. The features are generally based on keywords, SEO, and tags.

VidIQ Vs Tubebuddy: Social Media Marketing

Using both TybeBuddy and VidIQ, you can cross-promote your videos on Facebook. Using TubeBuddy you can also share on Twitter. Both of these tools monitor engagement stats on Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook.

VidIQ Vs Tubebuddy: Bulk Editing

Considering bulk editing, Tubebuddy is quite better than VidIQ. In VidIQ you can do bulk editing but actually, TubeBuddy handles it more efficiently. It quickly loads the video and replaces the things quickly.

So for any bulk editing work such as handling comments, cards, the video end screens, or descriptions, TubeBuddy is great.

VidIQ Vs Tubebuddy: User Interface

In terms of the user interface, VidIQ is better as compared to the TubeBuddy. The user interface of TubeBuddy feels outdated and slow.

VidIQ Vs Tubebuddy: Thumbnail Generation

Using both of these apps you can create thumbnails and also save templates for future use.

Through TubeBuddy you can create professional-level thumbnails using the still frame from your videos. Background can be chosen, text and designs can also be added.

VidIQ also offers almost the same kind of feature. It offers a custom thumbnail editor through which you can add texts, images, shapes.

VidIQ Vs Tubebuddy: Video Optimization

If we talk about the video optimizations, on-page SEO, tags suggestion, then in VidIQ you have to select the VidIQ Boost This Video option.

However, if you are in the boost plan then you can only get around 40 video optimization. After you click on the boost this video option, it gives you the suggestion for tags and SEO scores.

In the case of Tubebuddy, if you use it for your video optimization then it gives you a lot of suggestions of keywords along with their SEO score. There’s no limitation here for suggestions!

In VidIQ, as you keep on adding the keywords, it will also provide you the suggestion for the description. There’s no such option available in TubeBuddy. However, in TubeBuddy you can use their SEO studio as well.

The topmost keyword suggestions provided by both the tools are almost similar but the difference is actually in their pricing.

Tubebuddy seems to be a more value for money option in terms of the video optimization feature it offers.

VidIQ Vs TubeBuddy: Competitor Research

Tubebuddy notifies the user (email, app notification, or text message) whenever their competitor uploads any new video. On the other hand, VidIQ displays the trending videos of your competitor at different time intervals.

In Tubebuddy, there is ‘Videolytics’. It allows you to get the advanced insights and analytics of any YouTube video. Using it you can compare your video with one of your competitors based on a wide range of stats which will ultimately help you to rank better.

The stats include some of the following things such as:

  • Views
  • Comments
  • SEO score section
  • Channel Stats
  • Social Stats

On top of that, it also shows search rankings based on the tags used.

And the best thing is the TubeBuddy Videolytics is also available with the free version.

Now considering the case of VidIQ, there’s a Scorecard feature. It also allows you to analyze how your video and the video of your competitor are performing.

In the stats some of the things that are included are as follows:

  • SEO Feedback
  • Historical tab
  • Real-Time Stats Bar
  • Channel And Video tags
  • Tag suggestions
  • Video Optimization Checklist

VidIQ Vs TubeBuddy: Customer Support

TubeBuddy offers you support through different options such as:

  • Knowledge base
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Support/Helpdesk tickets

In the case of VidIQ, the support link takes us to a knowledge base/help center. The virtual assistant option is available through a chat prompt. If you want one-to-one support you need to click on the contact option which makes the same chat prompt ready for one-on-one support.

VidIQ Vs TubeBuddy: Special Features

In VidIQ, you get the Views Per Hour which is a very good feature. You get this feature even in the free plan. While in their pro plan you also get the historical analysis.

The views per hour feature tell us how many views are occurring in a video in an hour. It helps us to know whether or not making a video on that topic would be effective.

They also provide stats bar, historical analysis, views before a week, previous year views on a video. So the historical analysis that you get is also important.

Moreover, you also get alerts on trending topics for video. For example, if you make videos on a particular topic then you can just select that relevant keyword and set alerts for that keyword.

So what happens is whenever any video related to that keyword goes on trending you will automatically get notified about it.

In TubeBuddy, the special feature that you get is the A/B testing for thumbnails. Remember Click Through rate (CTR) is a crucial metric to rank your videos higher. And a good thumbnail can be very effective in increasing our CTR.

If thumbnails are the very important thing to be considered for you to get views then you’ll most likely love this A/B testing tool of TubeBuddy.

It will help you test the variations of your thumbnail and see which one gives you better results.

Apart from this thing, TubeBuddy also offers one of the best comment management tools. Using it you can filter your comment section based upon comments with a question or link, comments which you haven’t responded to, hearted/unhearted comments, etc.

If you want you can also hide comments which you don’t want to have and you can also reply to questions that get repeated many times with pre-defined responses.

So in short, both of these tools have their own strength and choose whichever suits best as per your requirement.


Remember that no SEO tool will help you in ranking your video unless and until your content is good. If your videos are not helpful, not engaging for the audience, then even if you use the best tools and software’s the chances of success will be pretty low.

The tools can help you to optimize your videos and help you find good topics to make videos. But it is also important that you work on content quality as well.

Finally, which tool to choose, VidIQ or TubeBuddy, I already discussed with you all the details about them so now I leave that part up to you to decide which tool will be best for you based on your own needs. Thanks!