What Are Searchable Keywords And How To Find Them?

Searchable Keywords

Targeting the right keywords can increase your chances to rank faster on Google. Searchable keywords are one of those keywords which have a lot of traffic bringing potential. So, what are searchable keywords?

Searchable keywords are those keywords that people actually search on Google and so they can bring in search traffic to the blog through organic search. However, estimating the search volume is also crucial as sometimes targeting too specific keywords might not bring that much traffic.

Excited to know more about searchable keywords and how to find them? Then make sure to read till the end. Let’s get started!

What Are Searchable Keywords?

In simple words, “searchable keywords” are the keywords that are searched by the people on the search engine.

See, you can keep on publishing blog post after blog post every day. But if the topics and keywords on which you are writing the blog post are not in demand among your target audience. Then it is likely that you’ll get less to no traffic on traffic on your blog post.

Remember, it is not useful to write blog posts on keywords that you like. But it is definitely useful to write blog posts on keywords that your target audience ACTUALLY wants.

Let’s say that you have started a dog-related blog. Then if you write a blog post titled “Here’s how I play with my dog every day”

If you are a dog owner and have opened a blog in the dog niche. Then you might feel let’s say how I play with my dog. It would be really fun, right?

But actually, if you are thinking of blogging as a business, then getting traffic is the only way through which you can earn money.

Gone are the days when you could write just about any random topic or anything about yourself and start getting traffic.

Today, the searchers are very smart. And they are more interested in solving their own problem rather than learning about the blogger’s life. Unless you are a famous celebrity or a popular influencer then it will not be helpful to write a blog post about your own life.

It is important to write blog posts on those keywords that actually solve the problems of people. Solving the problem of people will naturally cause them to like your blog and you will get rewarded ultimately by getting higher numbers of traffic.

So, coming back to our example, if you would have written a blog post on “Why my dog is sleeping too much?” then there would be far higher chances of getting traffic from search engines like Google rather than writing about any topic for which there’s no search term associated with it.

Yes, obviously the keyword should be less competitive, or your blog should have that level of authority to rank for that term on Google. So, you can find an even better keyword compared to what I shared with you.

But it was just to show you the example of the searchable keywords. Remember while searching, here’s one principle you can say that you must keep in mind:

Find those keywords which are less competitive but high in demand!

Examples Of Searchable Keywords

Since I already discussed the example of dog niche, let’s discuss some examples of searchable keywords related to that.

  • Can dogs eat strawberries?
  • Can dogs see in the dark?
  • Why dogs cry at night?
  • Why is my dog eating grass?
  • Should dogs be given salt?
  • Should dogs be given milk?
  • Are dogs allowed in malls?
  • Do dogs catch cold?

So these are only some. You can find many more searchable keywords like these.

Benefits Of Searchable Keywords

Firstly, since searchable keywords are the keywords that people actually search for that means they are in high demand (as long as you don’t end up finding super specific topics)

The chances of finding less competitive searchable keywords are generally higher compared to other types of keywords.

Best products type of keywords is generally competitive because they allow you to put affiliate links within the post through which you can earn. But remember that since these are the money keywords, many bloggers already target them and thus increase the competition.

On the other hand, the searchable keywords are generally based on the problems the people face and how to solve them. So, these types of keywords are mainly informational type and so naturally there are not many bloggers that would target these keywords compared to those Best product type keywords.

Drawbacks Of Searchable Keywords

There’s no such drawback of searchable keywords except one: Sometimes while finding the searchable keywords you can find such super specific keywords which have little to no search traffic.

So even if you rank a number on Google for that keyword, there would be no traffic because there are very few people searching for that keyword.

How Do I Find Searchable Keywords?

Here’s how you can find searchable keywords:

  1. Open Google search bar
  2. First, type in any word such as Do, Can, Why, Are, Should
  3. Then type your seed keyword or the main topic for which you want to find the keyword
  4. Then wait and look at the auto-suggest that Google gives you which are nothing but the searchable keywords
  5. If nothing considerable comes up then you can start typing one by one English alphabet letters starting from a, b,c, and look at the autosuggest.

So the examples I shared with you previously were also found by these methods. I first typed in Are and then I typed in my seed keyword which is “dog/dogs” and then I waited for Google autosuggest.

I felt that I should type “a” so my search looked like “Are dogs a” and soon as I did Google started suggesting me the autosuggest of “Are dogs always hungry”, “Are dogs aggressive”, “Are dogs allowed in malls” So this way I found that keyword.

Remember that as you do some practice of finding keywords in this way then you will get better at it.

What Are The Most Searchable Keywords?

According to semrush, here are some of the most searchable keywords (most searched terms) on Google globally:

Keyword:Search Volume:
WhatsApp Web618.0M
Instagram 338.0M


In short, searchable keywords are those that people actually search on Google or other search engines. You can use Google autosuggest to find it. And as a blogger, it is really beneficial if you target the right searchable keywords that have at least some considerable search volume.

That’s it! Now, what are you waiting for? Hop on to your desk, grab your keyboard and start finding some searchable keywords. Best of luck!