What Is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing? An Awesome Strategy!

What Is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

You might have heard the term ‘high ticket affiliate marketing’ a lot many times now. And you are interested to know what is it, how to do it, and some other related questions? Then you are in the right place. Without further ado, let’s get started!

What Is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

High ticket affiliate marketing is an affiliate marketing strategy through which an affiliate can earn higher commissions with fewer sales. Although there’s no exact amount of commission you need to get per sale to qualify it as a high ticket item sale, it is generally $500-$1000 or more.

Affiliate marketing simply means you recommend a product to any potential client. You share your affiliate link with them, and if they make any purchase through it, you will get commissions.

The amount of commissions you will get depends on:

  • The type of affiliate program you have joined.
  • The type of products you are promoting.
  • The commission percentage decided for each sale.

For instance, if you have joined an Amazon affiliate program, their commission is generally from 1% to 10%.

Let’s say you promote a particular product from Amazon whose cost is $100, and let’s say that the product is in the category of 4% commissions.

So calculating, 4% of $100 = $4

Thus for each sale, you will make only $4. And let’s say your goal is to earn $1000 just through affiliate marketing and by generating sales.

So to achieve that goal of $1000 through making each sale of only $4, you will have to 250 sales per month. Right?

On the other hand, if you do high ticket affiliate marketing and if you have chosen the high ticket product that gives you around $1000 per sale as a commission. Then just think, how many products you will have to sell to reach your $1000 per month goal through affiliate marketing?

Only 1 sale of that high ticket item!

Isn’t that amazing? And the best thing is most of the time it takes the same effort to promote a high ticket item than to promote a low ticket item. So why not do high ticket affiliate marketing, right?

How To Start High Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

#1. Choose the platform to remote high ticket item

Choosing the platform is the first step that you need to decide before you start any kind of affiliate marketing.

The platform can be either your own website or a social Media Platform such as YouTube. It can be anything, but you have to decide which platforms you are going to use to promote the product.

#2. Find the right high ticket item to promote

The next step is to find the right high ticket item you want to promote that also suits your plan and relevant to your audience.

Remember, you can’t promote a health and fitness niche related high ticket item to the audience in the niche how to make money online.

So based on your target audience, your complete planning of how you are going to approach everything, you have to decide and then choose the right high ticket item.

#3. Create content to promote the high ticket item

Now, once you have selected the platform and the right high ticket item, now it’s the time to create high quality content.

Remember that this is the most crucial part for your affiliate marketing journey.

If you have chosen the website as a platform then will have to create text based on content. If you have chosen YouTube then you will have to focus mainly on the video based content.

You can also do both of them. The main goal is to create content that actually helps your target audience.

If your target audience finds your content as bad then even if you promote the most high ticket items, you won’t get enough conversions.

#4. Build a relationship with your audience

Now after you have chosen the platform, the high ticket item and even created content. If you have done all these steps perfectly then you will start seeing some results.

You will start getting some visitors on your blog or getting vies on YouTube videos. If your content is really awesome and the high ticket product you promote is relevant to that audience then you will start making some sales.

But the thing is, the more you can establish relationship with your audience, the more they are going to trust you.

The more they trust, the more chances you will have to convert those customers into active buyer of those high ticket items.

What Are High Ticket Clients?

Simply speaking, high ticket clients are those who can spend higher amounts of money to purchase the high ticket items you promote to them.

Your goal as an high ticket affiliate marketer will be to attract those high ticket client because they are the ones who would actually be able to pay for that high ticket product.

It is important to remember that,

“Promoting the right type of product to right type of customer is the key to get good conversions!”

Now let’s us have a look at some of the best high ticket affiliate marketing programs.

Best High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs

Here are some of the best high ticket affiliate marketing programs:

High Ticket Affiliate Program: Commission: Cookie Duration:
Shopify 200% Bounty Commission 30 Days
Liquid Web 150% monthly hosting cost with a $150+ per sale 90 Days
HubSpot Up To $1000 90 Days
Cloudways Up to $125, or 7% recurring commissions + $30 bounty 90 days
WP Engine Up To $200 180 Days
Thinkfic 30% 90 Days
BigCommerce 200% of first month’s payment 90-day


In short, high ticket affiliate marketing is the way through which an affiliate marketer can a lot of money even with fewer sales.

Choosing the platform, finding the right high ticket time, creating content and building relationship with the audience is of the important steps that is needed to be taken to start high ticket affiliate marketing.

So that’s it! Hope you got a clear idea of what high ticket affiliate marketing is. Thanks!